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The Accolado is a unique all-in-1 reward box combining the best of technologies. It offers a virtually unlimited number of rewards preventing the child from losing interest and stopping to respond:


·         3 strong LED lights to flash alone or in different combinations

·         1 LCD monitor displaying all kinds of animated images on all kinds of background colors (a picture set is included)

·         2 peep show rooms in which mechanical toys can be illuminated and/or animated

·         And it contains 3 additional sockets in which you can plug any animated toy of your choice


Accolado reward box

Cutting Edge Reward box for VRA and COR Audiometry

(software and remote control included)

The Accolado is installed in the sound-treated test room and is an autonomous stand-alone device.  Every reward can be activated from inside or outside the test room by means of the remote control or the foot switch.  This can be combined with the mushroom response button. Successive rewards can be freely chosen, or randomly, or according to predefined sequences.


The Accolado can be customized by installing your own electrical animated toys (operating on 220 or 110 V AC power).  Reward sequences can be configured to your liking.


Comes with either 2 animated toys in the peep show boxes or the foot switch plus the mushroom response button. 


Animated toys

Only for use with the Accolado.
Animated toys for use in the peep sow boxes of the Accolado.