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Terms of use of  CI Shop 

Welcome on the CI Shop Internet Site (henceforth called 
the Site) in the World Wide Web. CI Shop is a service of Aures bvba.  Please read carefully the Site and the Terms of use that are applicable to the use of this Site and to all transactions with CI Shop. By browsing, visiting or using this Site, you confirm having read these Terms, and understood and accepted the conditions. You should leave this Site if you do not agree with the Terms of use.  These Terms of use are an English translation of the original Dutch version and this is meant as a courtesy for our clients.  Please notice that only the Dutch version has legal value.

1           Ownership and restrictions

1.1          The information on the Site, including all pictures, illustrations, graphs, videoclips, designs, written and other material (hereafter called the content), are copyright protected and/or are Trademarks or other intellectual property and are owned by or licensed to CI SHOP or other parties. The name CI Shop and the corresponding logo are protected trade marks of CI Shop.

1.2          It is permitted to show, copy, distribute, download and print parts of this Site for the following purposes:

(1) to place an order at CI Shop, or

(2) to use this Site as source of purchase information provided that nothing of the content is changed and that all ownership and copyrights are respected.

1.3          For all other purposes than those mentioned in 1.2 it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, distribute, publish, download, show, send or mail parts of the content of the Site. Under no circumstances it is allowed to show, copy or reproduce content from the Site without written approval by CI Shop or the legitimate (copyright) owners..

1.4          By not fully complying with the Terms of use, you loose all rights that you may otherwise receive.

2           Content of the Site

2.1          CI Shop makes the Site available to its customers to give an impression of the products in its catalogue. CI Shop makes continuous efforts to ensure that the information on this Site is accurate and up to date.  However, just occasionally, an error may occur.  If we discover an error, we will correct the content as fast as possible.

2.2          CI Shop does not guarantee the content, the usability or specific applicability of the products. You can always contact CI Shop by letter, email or telephone for any information or question.

2.3          The information on this Site does not create any right of guarantee with respect to the featured products.

2.4          CI Shop has the right to change the prices and the availability of products without prior notice.

3           Liability

3.1          CI Shop is not responsible for damage of whatever kind or degree that may or may not be linked to or caused by the content or the use of this Site and its content.

3.2          CI Shop also declines any responsibility or liability for whatever damage (personal or other) that may result from or be linked with the purchase, delivery use or (mal)functioning of the products that have been ordered at CI Shop. This clause does not affect your statutory rights and guarantees. 

4           Prices and Payment

4.1          The prices shown on this Site are only valid for Internet orders. The prices include any VAT ("BTW") payable in Europe.  If you order from outside Europe, you may have to pay additional taxes to import the product in your own country.  These are NOT included in the prices shown.  The prices may differ from other written information published by CI Shop.

4.2          We have the right to restrict or decline an order. We are not responsible or liable for any typological or photographical errors.

4.3          The purchaser is bound to pay the due amount within 15 days after delivery.

4.4          In case payment is not received within 15 days after delivery, we will charge automatically and without further notice 1% interests per month starting from the time of delivery. In default of payment and no sooner than 14 days after a written reminder an additional compensation of  10%  of the invoice will be charged with a minimal amount of 49.58 euro and a maximum of 1859.20 euro

4.5          Aures bvba (CI Shop) remains the owner of all products until full payment is received.

5           Guarantee

5.1          You shall not purchase nor use any products from CI Shop without having solicited and received from your CI-centre all relevant information with regard to its functioning and use and its compatibility with your other cochlear implant products.

5.2          If there is a fault within your product within 6 months of delivery, we will offer a repair or exchange with the same or a similar product free of charge.  If this is not possible, we will offer a refund .  

5.3          If a fault within your product appears between 6 and 24 months of delivery AND if you can prove that the fault was already present at the time of delivery, the same guarantee applies as in 5.2.

5.4          Faults or defects that result from erroneous, incorrect or incompetent use of the product, are not subject to guarantee and can not be repaired or replaced free of charge.

6           Delivery

6.1          All shown product prices exclude handling and delivery charges.  These charges are calculated individually at the end of the ordering procedure and they are added to the total cost.  If you agree with the order, you also accept to pay the calculated handling and delivery costs.

6.2          CI Shop strongly recommends to have the products delivered by registered mail or by a courier.  Courier deliveries are always insured.  Regular and registered deliveries are never insured.  Orders above 300 euro are always insured and delivered by a courier (typically Taxipost).  CI Shop can under no circumstances accept any responsibility or liability for possible damage, wrong delivery or no delivery of the products.

6.3          CI Shop makes all efforts to ship the products within 2 working days after having received the payment.  In case the products are not in stock, CI Shop will deliver as soon as possible. In case of partial delivery, each parcel shall be considered a separate and independent purchase.  

6.4          If CI Shop fails to ship within 1 calendar month after having accepted the order, you have the right to cancel the order free of charge.  If however, you have been informed of the delay and if you have agreed with it, the orders is maintained and the Terms of use continue to apply. 

6.5          You have the right to decline the purchase up to 14 days after delivery.  In that case you must inform CI Shop in writing (email or otherwise) and you must return the goods in the original packing within this period of 7 days.  You must pay the shipping and handling cost of the return yourself.

6.6          If you open the seal of the product packing, you accept the product and you can no longer use the rights of return as defined in 6.5.

6.7          Complaints have to be addressed to CI Shop by registered mail within 7 days after delivery.  In all circumstance, the liability of Aures bvba is restricted to replacing the product.

7           Suggestions, remarks, feedback and other information you give us

7.1          You agree to transfer to CI Shop all rights, copyrights or other property, of all data, information, remarks and feedback you give to CO Shop.

7.2          You agree that it is unlawful to mail, leave or send to this Site any illegal, offensive, insulting, threatening, libellous, provocative or pornographic material that could be subject to legal civil or criminal action. You are solely responsible and liable for the content and the intentions of all material and remarks you provide us.

8           Jurisdiction

8.1          CI Shop owns and manages this Site from its offices in Antwerp-Deurne (Belgium). The terms and conditions and all transactions related to this website are governed by Belgian Law and are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Belgian Courts. All legal cases of whatever kind shall be first and exclusively brought to the competent Antwerp Court. If you do not agree with this, you should exit this Site and make no longer use of it  if you visit this Site from another country, this is on your own responsibility.  You are also committed to comply with your local rules and legislation.

8.2          Since most of the content of this Site is future-oriented, imprecisions, mistakes, and errors are possible.  You should be aware of this and you can never claim any rights or certainties from this content.


9           Amendments of the Terms of use

CI Shop has the right to adjust, modify or change the content and the Terms of use of this Site at any time.  If one or more conditions mentioned in this Site are not applicable or feasible, the remaining conditions will continue to fully apply. By using this Site, you explicitly accept all modifications and amendments.  You will be informed of all terms that apply to you by regularly visiting this Site.